EMIG’s Curriculum: UCI Students can Earn a Certification at Level 1 for the ACGME EM Milestones!

In 2013, The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) outlined its “Next Accreditation System” (NAS) that focused on resident and residency outcome measures. A key component was the development of assessable milestones that provide a framework for evaluating resident competencies in key dimensions of emergency medicine. The milestones within each competency range from Level 1, “the resident demonstrates milestones expected of an incoming resident,” to Level 5, “the resident has advanced beyond performance targets set for residency.”

In order to prepare EM bound UCI students to meet the Level 1 milestones, we are launching the UCI EM Curriculum, the first of its kind. We will focus on early exposure and longitudinal development, which has been so successful in ultrasound integration (à la Dr. Fox). This curriculum will be integrated into the four years of medical school and will address all 23 milestones to ensure graduating fourth year medical students have attained a Level 1 prior to entering residency.

A student’s progress can be tracked using the link below.

Track your progress to obtaining certification! This link shows current event attendance.

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