Other Events and Accomplishments


  • AAEM 2016 Abstract Submission to the 22nd Annual Scientific Assembly in Las Vegas

This year EMIG submitted an abstract titled “Increasing Success in the EM Match: A New Approach.” We hope to present our findings on the efficacy of our new Matching into EM panel, and how this event improved student confidence, comfort and preparedness for the Match. If successful, this will be the first time EMIG is presenting at a national conference –¬†which will be a wonderful opportunity to highlight our interest group and EM at UCI.

  • Matching into EM Panel 2015

On October 19 EMIG hosted a Matching into EM Panel with the UCI EM Residency Program Director Dr. Osborn and Assistant Program Director Dr. Lahham. This unique opportunity served to answer student questions about matching into EM, with a focus on things students should be doing right now in their MS3 year to best position themselves for a successful match. The event was hugely successful and included a pre and post event survey to shed light on student knowledge. Our results found that 57% of respondents had previously never received guidance from EM faculty on matching into EM. The event helped 93% of students that attended develop a plan to increase their competitiveness.

  • 2nd Place Winner 2015 Fall Med iBookJam

The 2015 Fall Med iBookJam kicked off on September 15th. The event had 52 faculty, residents and students participate on 14 teams to produce 15 impressive iBooks in under 2 weeks.

EMIG’s iBook Mastering the Patient Presentation and How to Ace Your EM Clerkship by Dr. Hoonpongsimanont, Maja Feldman, MS3, Nicholas Bove, MS2, and Julie Kong, High School won 2nd place in the competition. The book will be published in the iBooks Store. In addition, the iBook will now be part of the EM clerkship curriculum. In collaboration with Dr. Hoon, we are currently in the process of conducting a research study to gauge the book’s effectiveness in improving patient presentations vs traditional methods of learning while on shift.

  • Introduction to Emergency Medicine Talk with Dr. Langdorf, 2015

On September 11th Dr. Langdorf kicked off EMIG’s academic year with an exciting Introduction to EM talk. We had over 30 students attend. This highly anticipated event helps draw in new MS1s and gets them excited about a career in Emergency Medicine.