Procedures Workshops

EMIG Annual Procedure Workshop

2015 Cadaver Procedure Workshop

EMIG hosted a procedure workshop in the Anatomy Lab with fresh tissue cadavers on Feb 9, 2015.  The workshop was lead by Emergency Department attending physicians Dr. Robert Katzer and Dr. Bharath Chakravarthy,  as well as resident physician Dr. Max Jen.  The procedures included intubation, cricothyrotomy, thoracotomy, suturing and chest tube placement. The workshop was very well received.  Special thanks to Dr. Jamie Wikenheiser for helping us obtain material and for the use of his lab.


2014 EMIG Procedure Workshop

EMIG hosted a procedures workshop on Nov 12, 2014 for the MS1s and MS2s.  The workshop was lead by Emergency Department RNs Jon McIntyre and Jennifer Daniel, along with MS3 Kyle Hersh. The procedures included blood draw, IV placement and foley catheter placement. The workshop went very smoothly and was syncope free.

2012 EMIG Procedure Workshop

EMIG’s annual Procedure Workshop held 11/05/12 was a great success! We had about 55 students in attendance and 10 wonderful volunteer instructors. The MS1s and MS2s learned how to start IVs, draw blood, and insert male and female foley catheters. We hope to get them into the ED for some procedure workshops in the near future.

The task trainers lent to us worked out great, and we thank all those involved for setting that up for us: Dr. McDougall, Sue Ahearn, Cecilia Canales, and Amal Khalil. Those were all very popular stations and I think the first and second years really benefited from being able to learn these skills on the models. Our two ED RN instructors, Lori and Dave, also did a fantastic job teaching the IV stations for us.
2011 EMIG Procedures Workshop

EMIG’s Procedure Workshop held on 9/28/11 went very well. About 40 students attended the workshop and they began with a Mexican buffet. They then proceeded to the workshop rotations which included 2 Phlebotomy stations, 2 IV placement stations, and 2 Foley catheter stations. Students practiced phlebotomy and placing IV’s on each other and they practiced placing foleys in both female and male models. Each rotation lasted about 30 minutes. The station instructors were Dr. Shannon Toohey, Lacey King, Kevin Rooney, Juan Rendon, Hal Jakle, Kiah Bertoglio, Lance Beier, Chris Darby, Narine Grove, and Morgaine Daniels. Thank you to Drs. Chakravarthy and Toohey for being so actively involved at the workshop, as well as to Sue Ahearn for her help getting supplies.


2010 EMIG Procedures Workshop

This workshop combined several rotating skill stations that were also presented as stand alone workshops in years past. Three stations: venipuncture, suturing, and splinting, were set organized by our Clinical Nurse Educator, Marla Gain, 4th year students, a former paramedic, and a former nurse. The venipuncture workshop gave students a chance to access a vein on a simulated arm, and also learned how to set up IV drips. The suturing workshop was based on puting sutures in lacerated pigs feet, which simulates skin closely. The third workshop taught the basics of casting and splinting, and students then applied soft casts to each other. Each 20 minute workshop had a short instructional section before the hands on portion.</p>