Residency and Advising Workshops


  • EMIG Shadowing and Mentoring Program

During the months of December-January EMIG is piloting a new shadowing and mentorship program. The project is designed to give MS3 students a chance to spend time in the ED prior to their 4th year clerkship and junior med students access to EM mentors. MS3 students are paired with residents for an opportunity to walk in their shoes, while MS2s and MS1s are matched with attendings and fellows to explore Emergency Medicine and build on student’s growing interest . We have 14 residents/fellows and attendings who signed up to participate and 25 students enrolled in the pilot program. Please say hello to the students as they spend time in the ED during their winter break!

  • Matching into EM Panel

On October 19 EMIG hosted a Matching into EM Panel with the UCI EM Residency Program Director Dr. Osborn and Assistant Program Director Dr. Lahham. This unique opportunity served to answer student questions about matching into EM, with a focus on things students should be doing right now in their MS3 year to best position themselves for a successful match. The event was hugely successful and included a pre and post event survey to shed light on student knowledge. Our results found that 57% of respondents had previously never received guidance from EM faculty on matching into EM. The event helped 93% of students that attended develop a plan to increase their competitiveness.

  • Introduction to Emergency Medicine Talk with Dr. Langdorf

On September 11th Dr. Langdorf kicked off EMIG’s academic year with an exciting Introduction to EM talk. We had over 30 students attend. This highly anticipated event helps draw in new MS1s and gets them excited about a career in Emergency Medicine.

  • Pre-medical Student Advising Session (3/10/15)

Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) executive board members met with the Emergency Medicine Research Associates Program (EMRAP) members for an advising session this past week. EMRAP consists of undergraduate research students who have an interest in pursuing a career in medicine and/or research. The topics discussed included: choosing medicine as a career, the nuts and bolts of the MCAT and undergraduate studies, the application process, how to write a personal statement and how to do well on interviews. The session began with a brief panel discussion followed by small group sessions for a more intimate experience. Undergraduate and medical students built mentor-mentee relationships throughout the meeting that we hope will lead to further advising down the road. There are plans to continue the advising partnership between EMIG and EMRAP in the future. A special thanks goes out to Dr. Hoon and Dr. Lotfipour for helping us make this event happen!

  • Pre-Emergency Medicine Clerkship Bootcamp

Several of our esteemed faculty and residents held a bootcamp to prepare 3rd year students for their 4th year EM clerkships. Specifically, the event is being held to prepare 3rd Year Medical Students to begin their EM Clerkship with the skills, knowledge and understanding equivalent to those 3rd Year Medical Students who have recently completely their EM Clerkship.
Emergency Medicine Interview Information Workshop:

The Emergency Medicine Interview Information Workshop helps prepare UCI medical students for a successful match. Several of the 4th years that just matched are going to tell us about their interview experiences and what can be helpful when we all go through it next year. We hope to see you there for up to date information on the match process that will help you know what is ahead.

  • Fourth Year Residency Interview Workshop

This workshop is oriented toward interviews during the fourth year. Dr. Scott Rudkin, Dr. Jennifer Oman, and Dr. Shahram Lotfipour (our Department Vice Chair, Residency Director, and Director of Undergraduate Medical Education, respectively) spoke to students about what should be expected during an interview, do’s and don’ts, and general advice. They also offered candid advice about what it is like behind the scenes when selecting students. In a Q&A session, they answered questions about anything from what to wear to what to do during the interview dinner. In the second half, fourth year students got to meet individually with one of the doctors to receive EM-specific advice on their residency application packets.