Symposium 2007

2007 Emergency Medicine Interest Group Symposium

Today the world finds itself in a volatile state where wars, attacks of terror, mass epidemics, toxic exposures, and natural disasters are no longer only hypothetical situations or entertaining movie plots. As these tragedies increasingly become realities, Emergency Medicine practitioners find themselves ever more on the frontlines serving as the first line of defense.

In light of this, it is of utmost importance that the medical profession enhances the training and readiness of Emergency Medicine physicians and associated healthcare providers to manage potentially catastrophic events while also assessing and improving the financial and practical capabilities of Emergency Medicine to support such heavy burdens.

The purpose of this symposium is to address these issues, providing critical skills and training to current and future generations of healthcare providers in the elements of emergency preparedness. We invite medical students from across the country to attend the event and learn from distinguished faculty physicians in emergency medicine in didactic lecture and hands-on workshops in the following areas:

Visual Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases
Nuclear Disasters
Injury Prevention
Cardiac Emergencies/EKGs
Emergency Department Management of Psychiatric Emergencies
Advanced Suturing/Splinting/Airway Management
Wilderness Preparedness
Ultrasound: Enhanced procedures/diagnoses

Other opportunities include: Medical Student Mini-Oral Presentations of original research, Emergency Medicine Residency Directors Panel, Sponsor Booths, and Raffle Prizes.

The 2007 Symposium ended up a wonderful event attracting over 150 medical students from California and around the country. We look forward to what the 2009 Emergency Medicine Symposium will bring us.