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This year, UCISOM’s EMIG hosted their biggest event of the year: Western Regional Emergency Medicine Student Symposium.  It was a tremendous success!!! We had over 100 medical students mostly from California, but also from Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Maryland, DC, and even one international student!  The morning lectures were given by our wonderfully entertaining, comedic, and inspirational Drs. Wiechmann, BC, McCoy and a UCI grad Dr. Ali Ghobadi.  We had a panel and mock interviews with program directors from 10 different residency programs in California including our own Drs. Osborn, Toohey, and Lahham.  The younger students attended several exciting workshops including: IV and suturing stations, ultrasound workshops, EM tech gadgetry by Dr. Wiechmann, airplane disaster simulation by Dr. Katzer, and a medical simulation with Dr. Sokol. We couldn’t have done it without our partnership with the Simulation and Ultrasound Interest Groups who ran their respective workshops.  The event concluded with a residency fair on the MedEd patio.

The event was a great success due to the contributions of many people.  Clelia Clark MS3 was the master planner with heavy contributions from myself (Jessica Andrusaitis MS4), Chris Gilani MS2, John Jiao MS2, Nadia Zuabi MS2, Lisa Remington MS4 and Jessa Baker MS4.  Dr. Shannon Toohey, our fantastic EMIG faculty advisor, helped us along the way.  We would like to thank our sponsors: EMRA, Starbucks, Firecracker, and Picmonic. Lastly, thank you to all the faculty that came out to support us and to spend your Saturday mentoring and teaching EM interested medical students.